Fire Crusader Bombardment Build

Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul a game ive been playing awhile now. Build ive been using right now is Fire Crusader Bombardment Build. You can see the build in action in the video below. 

The primary source of damage is from bombardment that proc every six second. That is from the belt below, a new belt from seaseon 2 that drop after a few day i got to level 70. Getting this belt let me jump from torment 2 to torment 4. Along the way ive been getting some fire damage increase item like Cindercoat, Stone of Jordan and many other. Now the build have 78% Fire Damage Increase, 85% Elite Damage Increase from SOJ and The Furnace and around 420% Critical Hit Damage. With Bombardment with Annihilate rune making Critical Chance does not matter. Every damage from bombardment will 100% crit. The bombardment damage could hit for 30 million -50 million on elite and more lesser to normal mob. Right now im still missing Magefist that i unfortunately salvage because of my stupidness. 

Not the strongest build in the game but the strongest build i made myself so far playing with crusader there so many improvement that could be made but getting the right gear is so hard and to grind hours after hours solo looking for the one legendary you need become really tiring after a few days. Its different if i could play it online with other people but i cant get any better internet any time soon. Thats all for this entry thanks for stopping by and reading my shitty crusader build.

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